How To Configure A Router For A Home Network

Two. If your modem is already connected to the computer, unplug the processor of the new cable and plug it into the port labeled WAN router. If not, simply connect the cable modem to the router port and start from the router configuration to intensify came.

Latest Internet router overlooking the 802.11g standard, which may be suitable for 802.11b back. It is a mix of suppliers that make Internet router, and it is painful to choose the longest. Some of the known suppliers in the environment; Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, Belkin, Cisco, etc. It is extremely troublesome to select one that is best; Second, you need to look at things as you go to the purchase of an Internet router. The IP address of the routers are usually If you do not just do an Internet search on “to the default router and IP model.” Documentation

Search a page named “Wireless Security” (or something similar), with which you can specify your SSID. Enter your name in the network.

The router can post a challenge for a user name and a password. Find the default values for this in the documentation for your router. If you have no documentation, be aware that many routers ship with the admin username and password, so try this first. Otherwise default username / password for the router here or here.

Each wireless home network, there is an access point or router. The equipment, which is connected your Internet line. To configure the router, manufacturers offer a web page. The manufacturer will enter a web address number offer, usually “”. It will show the equipment the configuration page. There you can enter your password. The manufacturer will provide the default password for the device. Change the password immediately, the first time you use it. If you do not use a wireless network now and do not change it. Change now. You do not want to change a stranger your wireless network settings, making it unnecessary for you.

NIC – Network interface cards are necessary for you PC. Again, you have the opportunity to receive a 10/100 or 10/100 / 1000Gbps speed. Again, it depends on your needs and budget. One end of the power cord to the network card in your computer and the other end is passed through. Note – Most computers today come with a network card, so you do not really need to buy NIC, if you already have one on the computer’s motherboard.

A wireless repeater is generally a good performance in a house in countless rooms of the house are slower instead of connection speeds. Discovering the right without wireless repeater can prevent the money, time and frustration.